Marley's Rental & StagingWhen was the last time that you went to an event that didn’t have technology? No microphones, no speakers, no event lighting, no stage, no screens? It was a pretty long time ago, right? Now, we don’t consider an event a success without the proper technology, or at least a microphone! We can’t even go to church without coming into contact with some type of event technology that looks professional and amplifies the messages of the speakers and performers.

A couple of weeks ago, we spent time with Markey’s Rental and Staging – an onsite event technology provider based right here in Indianapolis. Did you know they have a 30,000 square foot warehouse? It houses many different types of event technology – from microphones to lights to speakers to stages and scaffolds – Markey’s has a variety of all event equipment that you need to make your event stand out. They’re so good at what they do, they are the preferred provider for the Indianapolis Colts and the JW Marriotts in Indianapolis and Austin, Texas!

75% of the equipment that fills up a 30,000 square foot warehouse is rented out throughout the week and weekend. On Monday they get all of the equipment back, test it, and send it out for next week’s events. Markey’s is a logistics company as much as they are an event technology company – they have your equipment there on time and in working order consistently. They even provide event technicians that make certain you can be heard at your event by adjusting the volume of your correctly placed microphone to your voice, inflections, and intonation. As technology becomes ever more important to our world, and especially during events, it is crucial that we have companies like Markey’s that know the ins and outs of event technology.

Most importantly, as professional public speakers we prefer Markey’s because they ensure that the most important part of the event – your message – is heard.