board room

There are several “must-haves” for every great presentation. Of course, depth in your content is vital. Without stellar content, there is just no reason to stand before us as a presenter. Of course, your content must be carefully crafted. Always think about your purpose and your audience when crafting the content of your speech. Beyond depth of content, making sure you are properly channeling your energy (sometimes referred to as anxiety) allows you to show up as the capable and confident speaker that we’re expecting. We advocate our four-part process for mastering your fear of public speaking and for showing up with professional-level energy.

While the four-part process is an effective and essential component, it is not the only formula for successfully delivering your presentation. Your presentation equally depends on how you take the stage, how you look (are you “dressed for the part”?), and how you sound as you say what you need to say. Have you created interesting stories that will stick in peoples’ minds? How you show poise, confidence, and passion for the subject you’re speaking about is key. If you aren’t passionate about your topic, will your audience be?

Lastly, prepare a closing which reminds your audience of their key takeaways and encourages action from them that meets one or more of your pre-determined purposes in giving this speech. These strategies will prepare you well to nail your presentation.

And remember, we can make all of this complex detail simple and enjoyable for you to do. Call or email us – we’re your “go to” resource!