Musicians and dancers talk about “musicality” in their respective arts. They say it’s something you feel in your bones and your muscles when you are performing. It’s interpreting the music, or the dance, through how it is performed. Speakers, too, can display charisma in this manner.

The charisma we’re talking about here comes from your gestures, the expressions on your face while you are speaking in public, smiling with your whole body, not just your lips; it’s the emotion you are conveying through your words and your visage. Your audience can truly sense your intention, passion, and meaning if you know how to communicate with charisma. If you are speaking to persuade, such as in politics or sales – all the better because you need your audience to feel the musicality in your voice and see it in your movements.

Especially during the summer because it’s concert season, you might hear your friends talking about how “so-and-so” is a great live performer. Well, it’s because that performer KNOWS how to perform. That performer’s got charisma radiating not only in his or her voice but through his whole person and body. Motivational speakers are the same way. The most likely became motivational speakers because they learned how to beam and emit their “music” onto their listeners. You don’t have to be a famous musician or motivational speaker to let your audience “feel your music” though. If you’ve got a speech coming up, the right professional speech coach can surely show you how to add musicality to your public speaking skills.

Musicality is a literal state of being melodious, and public speaking is most definitely a performance, so your audience needs to feel your music! You will leave your listeners in awe if you learn and know how to “play it” right; to the point that they’ll remember your speech – and you – long after they’ve left the conference room.