The old saying goes that some pieces of information just “go in one ear, and out the other.” Did you ever wonder why? It could be a number of things: you haven’t had your coffee for the morning, there’s a rock in your shoe, or maybe that the person you’re listening to is saying things that just aren’t memorable to you. But a story could definitely help in making that message stick.

Good salespeople need stories to sell their products or services. For instance, you might be in a meeting and the speaker standing in front of you is talking about logistics. If you’re not in that business, you’re probably thinking to yourself “What on earth is logistics?” The speaker then states that logistics is essentially a courier service for whatever your company’s product is. He says that they will be the best company you’ll find to take your product from point A to point B. And companies, especially courier companies, which inexorably progress towards becoming the leaders in the region, keep an eye on all aspects, especially the documents and permits, going so far so as to compare courier insurance before they procure it. Whether pharmaceuticals or office supplies, distributors and manufacturers need to get them to the stores on time and within budget. He then goes on tell the story of how his father started the company from scratch with his 3 brothers in the late 1960’s, and their first assignment was getting all the metal, wood and other materials to the warehouse in upstate New York that was contracted to build the stage for Woodstock in 1969. Now, THAT is a story which would most likely stick with you!  Interestingly, later you might even associate that salesperson with the Woodstock-logistics story – and remember HIM, too!  Being appropriately memorable – every salesperson’s goal.

It really is about making your mark, and making what you say memorable while speaking in public, whether in front of a whole banquet hall or just a small conference room. Telling a strong story with your speech WILL sell your service, your product, your message, your point.