unnamedExecutives often spend “windshield time” and even scheduled time crafting the words they will use to convey their vision. With so much time spent on what to say, why is it that we often have to repeat ourselves two or three – or ten – times before we get everyone in the office “on board”? I’ll tell you why: it’s not just about what you say; it’s how you say it that makes the difference. Content represents only 7% of what people remember after they have heard you speak. The bulk of what people understand (93% of it, actually) is conveyed through your gestures, the eye contact you make with the crowd, your body language and movement, and your tone of voice. Does your body language and tone of voice “say” what you want it to say; what you intended?

Content is king and every king needs a “court”. How you say the content you have chosen is key to understanding and truth.

Does your body language, even your eye contact, support your message and inspire trust? Is your vocal tone appropriate for each part of your message? Do you “sound” believable? Are your words and your mannerisms in sync? If you’re not sure, it’s time to seek a credentialed speech coach. Addressing your body language and tone of voice is a critical step and will help you be understood the first time you speak, and every time.

So the lesson to be learned today is that an inspired King uses his Court. An inspired message delivered by a speaker who knows how to use gestures, movement, eye contact and appropriate inflection, demonstrates confidence, authority and expertise; three attributes every King certainly wants to possess.