Want more speaking gigs?  There are three reasons for not getting enough offers:

  1. No one knows you’re out there.
  2. Your topics or services are not needed.
  3. Buyers don’t believe you’re good enough.


Here’s a great Six Step Strategy for increasing your opportunities to speak:

  1. Tell everyone you meet and every person you know that you are a highly and continuously trained speaker on the subject(s) of “x”, and that you are seeking opportunities to speak.
  2. Seek out and meet event and meeting planners, large company VPs of HR and Sales, and non-profit organization directors.
  3. Speak for free anywhere locally, especially to churches, networking organizations, Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions, and other associations.  Use this as time to hone your message and your delivery skills.
  4. Share your information in articles and blogs on your own website and on the sites of others as a guest writer.
  5. Get better at public speaking.  Even Tiger Woods has a coach, right?  Believe in continuous personal and professional development.
  6. Seek out and become an active participant in highly practical speaker services.