When it comes to Handpresentations, content is king. If you don’t have meaningful, interesting content, you might as well shut off your PowerPoint and read directly from historiography textbook. When developing and creating your content, there are 7 key features should guide your language and information. Incorporating these elements into your own content formation will allow you to tailor your presentation accordingly, and make you a more effective presenter.

  1. Probably the most obvious of the seven content elements is originality. This doesn’t mean you can’t be inspired by others’ work, but don’t plagiarize and take it directly. You can use online tools to help check content before presenting or sending it. (Grammerly)
  2. Readability seems like a no brainer, but it’s easier than you’d think to overlook. Make sure that your content is easy to read. If you’re using special jargon within your field, make certain that other co-workers or clients will understand it. When in doubt, use lay terms to allow for the most ease when reading.
  3. When writing or producing your content, make sure you can scan the material. In the business world, we hardly have time to take a lunch, let alone read copious amounts of words. Time is money, after all! Make sure the layout and the length of your content has scannability to allow for ease of reading.
  4. When developing your content, know when it is appropriate to use Wikipedia and Google Scholar. Some audiences and clients require the most up-to-date information, and the most genuine. In this case, Wikipedia might not be the best resource. When looking up common facts or simple instructions, it might be appropriate to wiki-search. Just know when to use what and check sources.
  5. Keep your audience in mind, and be relevant. Don’t include any unnecessary information that the individual might not want or understand. Include and address what that audience requires, and stick to that.
  6. Be sure to include in your content what you want the reader to do next. Make it clear and unmistakable, and be compelling about it.
  7. The big picture is the most important. Be sure to cover all pertinent information and be specific about each detail. Know all there is about the business, and illustrate that knowledge within your content. Elaborate on goals and planning. Be understandable, and be confident when you create the content and share it.

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