Confidence: “Perfect Practice Makes Perfect”

Business PeopleImagine yourself standing in front of a room full of people. You’ve been asked to speak on something you know very well. You’ve got this…but maybe you are little nervous.  Here are some ways to turn those nerves into confidence as you prepare for this moment.

1. Know the Room

In preparing for your presentation, if you aren’t bringing your own audio visual equipment, be sure to confirm and reconfirm that you will have everything you need. Access to the internet? Sound? A hand held clicker? Arrive early to confirm you have everything you need and that everything works. What is your backup plan if for some reason you do not have everything you need? Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the room. Where will the audience be seated? Find the best lighting when looking up at the stage […]

How Do I Hold this %&$#! Microphone?!

Last time we started our “Top Tips for Your Next Speaking Engagement”.  This is Part 2 of better microphone usage:

  • Microphones can be handheld or lavaliere—the kind that clip to your clothing.
  • When using a handheld mic, make sure it doesn’t block your face. You want your audience to see AND hear you.
  • Hold the handheld microphone six inches from your mouth so that it picks up your voice clearly, but not close enough that your lips make that “popping sound” or  result in feedback, which hurts your listeners’ ears.
  • Avoid bumping the mic, as it causes feedback.
  • Lavaliere mics can be wired or wireless. If you’re using a lapel or lavaliere microphone, make sure that you place it six inches from your chin.
  • Clip a lavaliere mic to the center of your shirt, blouse, or tie at about the level of the […]
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