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Who’s On First?

sport-640831_1280Proposals delivered by multiple people from the same company or organization are interesting to watch from a “30,000 foot” view. There are many people involved; each has an agenda. What is their focus? Who should talk, when, and for how long? What is everyone’s individual role? Did the group come across as they envisioned?

Here’s a scenario for you: a business with two different teams — the creative team and the sales team­­ — will be proposing to a potential client. Each of these teams go into a proposal with specific goals. The creative team is, by definition, creative. The creative team, of course, wants the prospect to embrace the concepts and strategies, to love the ideas, and to imagine the success that can come from their wonderful design. And this can be duly accomplished if the vision is unambiguously portrayed by a […]

7 Tips For Giving A Great Speech

teacher-309403_1280I’ve heard it said that at a funeral, most people would rather be in the casket then giving the eulogy. Speaking can be a frightening thing for most people, but once you conquer that fear, the world can open up for you. Whether it’s a short speech during a monthly meeting at work or a presentation that promotes your business, speaking is a great way to get noticed and move forward with your goals. Here are a few tips that will help you present like a professional:

1. Get focused. Take 5-10 minutes to do some deep breathing or meditation before your speech. Set your intention. What do you want people to get from this speech? Visualize the outcome. What do you want people to say to you when the speech is finished? Get a clear picture of the outcome in your […]

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