Executive Presence in the Boardroom

There’s a lot of hype these days about the Power of “Presence”. Executive Presence involves your intentionality, your emotional intelligence, and your communication prowess. It is a deep awareness of self, others, and what is happening in the corporate environment. It is a combination of style, substance, and character.

People often describe a leader with executive presence as having a “vibe”… poised, self assured, open and humble, yet appropriately assertive, gracious, compassionate to a large degree, and flexible. She exudes control and polish, showing up as poised under pressure and deliberate, with purposeful body language. She is that rare combination of savvy yet approachable. How does one develop these attributes in our frenetic-paced work environments?

Executive presence training will “unpack” the three elements of style, substance, and character, with practical and ready-to-use strategies. You’ll have just what you need to show up as you intend.

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