Communication Skills and Professional Development

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Succeed with the 93/7 Rule

Did you know that only 7% of what your audience remembers about your message comes from the words you chose to use? Just 7%! And yet we spend so much time choosing and writing our words.

93% of what your audience remembers is due to:

  • Body Language – Movement and Gestures
  • Facial Expression and Eye Contact
  • Tone of Voice

Get a coach who can help you develop your communication skills in practical, non-threatening, and stress-free ways. Learn to bring out the best in yourself, and to help others understand you better. Get the results you desire!

Our Time-tested Methodology

We take a three-faceted approach to helping you master the art of effective professional communication. First, we use an evidence-based diagnostic tool to gain insight into your communication strengths and opportunities. Once you understand and are aware of your challenges, we give you real-time strategies to effective communication, and we’ll find ways for you to learn and practice these new skills.

You won’t simply learn “theory”. You’ll experience success with the guidance of our coaches.

Where can you apply these skills? You’ll use these strategies and skills in many aspects of your daily life, including:

  • Networking
  • Business meetings
  • Board rooms and Strategy sessions
  • Happy Hours
  • Social Events
  • Important Interviews
  • Critical Conversations with family (including your spouse and children), colleagues, and friend

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