toastThe number one question I’m asked when I’m discussing my role as a speech and communications advisor for Accent On Business is this;
“Oh! You are just like Toastmasters aren’t you?”


No, we’re not just like Toastmasters.  I don’t have anything negative to say about the organization, they provide opportunities to practice giving speeches in public and that’s a good thing!  However, we are so much more.

The next question inevitably is “But you teach public speaking right?”

That’s correct! Let me tell you what makes us different and uniquely qualified to assist you with what you need.  Our experts are nationally certified speech language pathologists, professors of story and rhetoric, veterans of communication in corporations, and scientists in mind and heart.  We’re focused on the expectations of the audience and the professional presence of the speaker. We’re concerned about the speaker’s well-being and emotional intelligence.   We address any anxiety or excess energy you have when it comes to public speaking and presenting using a science based approach and we give you practical strategies to use immediately when preparing for your presentation/speech. We don’t count “um’s”, “likes” and “you knows”.  We assist you in crafting your speech or presentation focusing on not only voice, rate of speech and gestures but your content as well. We provide you with the latest in strategies for the use of audio visuals and we give you the tools to say what you need and want to say.

We believe a speaker shouldn’t deliver a speech; she should BE the speech.

Alex-headshotAlexandra Rufatto-Perry is a Speech and Communications Advisor at Accent On Business, advisors and trainers in executive presence and professional communication. Learn more at