The truth is, every time we speak we are being judged on our intelligence, success and competence. Studies show that people with significant vocabularies tend to be viewed as being capable and smart. Additionally, since language and thought are linked one to the other, having a strong vocabulary simply helps us think, plan and solve problems more efficiently. If this information gives you pause, perhaps you should put vocabulary improvement on your New Year’s Resolution list! Accent On Business has the perfect tool to assist you in reaching this goal.

The 2010 “Commanding Word-A-Day Calendar” contains a year’s worth of powerful words. “Commanding Words” makes an ideal gift for the business professional, student or anybody who wants to improve his or her vocabulary.

The entry for each day’s word includes pronunciation, grammar classification, definition and a sample sentence using the word. The calendar is spiral bound, convenient, and sturdy enough to sit upright on a desk, yet compact enough for portability.

Take charge of your vocabulary today or help someone you know improve their vocabulary. Contact us at 317-218-5111 or Info@AccentOnBusiness.net  for more information and to place your order for the Accent On Business “Commanding Words” Word-A-Day Calendar.