partnership-526413_1280Most people spend a great deal of time and effort crafting a stellar message when trying to land their dream job or next great assignment. Professional credentials, experience, power words… these are all details we include in attempts to get the interest of a prospective employer. Not that this isn’t an important piece to the puzzle…it is… but there is more. Would you believe me if I said that if this prospective employer HEARD your pitch when they read it – even if you used exactly the same words – they would rate you above others and would be more likely to hire you?

A new study by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business found that when employers listened to job qualifications from prospective candidates, they rated the candidates as more competent, thoughtful, and intelligent than when they simply read a transcript of the same pitch. Note that the evaluators did not rate the pitch any differently if they watched a video as opposed to listening to the audio only. This is significant. If we could only get our voices in front of our prospective employers in addition to simply submitting a resume. If your next opportunity for that primo project or brand new highly visible position in your company involves phone interviews, make sure your voice is heard. Wow them beyond your printed words. Need some practical strategies to do this? Email us for a consultation today at