hook-405091_1280The last time your business development team submitted a proposal in response to an RFP to win new work — was it accepted favorably?  Was your company shortlisted for an upcoming interview or presentation to bid on the work?  And when your team made their in-person presentation, did you indeed win new work?  If so, congratulations – we hope you see that happen many more times next year!

If you didn’t get to the table to present or to interview…or if you didn’t ultimately win the award, it’s time to figure out “why not”.  What could you and your team have done differently – better – to win your unfair share of the RFPs?

It’s an important question for your company – What is your RFP Award Rate today? – the percentage of the proposals you submit that are accepted, get you to an interview or presentation, and are ultimately awarded to your company because of your successful proposal and presentation?  Did you get your “unfair share” of the market?

We have developed a process in which you can learn why awards are made, and how to win awards more often.  We know that teams win awards when the presentation shows that you are LIKEABLE and TRUSTWORTHY.  If your Award Rate isn’t greater than 80%, it is highly likely that your presentations are not as complete, interesting, or engaging as your competitors’.  It’s also probable that your team didn’t seem well prepared, didn’t look like a team, didn’t express your full understanding of the scope of work, or didn’t clearly express your innovative solutions.  We know this because we have asked the decision makers, and they have told us.

If this article is making you think twice about your success in winning your “unfair share” of the RFP awards, let’s talk.  We’re experts in helping you better understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses in winning new work.  Additionally, we can build upon your strengths and mitigate any challenges through training to significantly increase your percentage of awards for new work.  This professional training comes in the form of group workshops and individual performance training, for both the creation of slide decks (proposals) and the delivery of presentations and interviews.

Our work is based in research and proven successful.  Our clients are our best referral sources, and will be glad to talk to you about their ROI.  An initial consultation requires only your time and attention.  If this is of interest to you or your business development team, email us or call (317) 218-5111.