What our clients are saying about us

What our clients are saying about us

Occasionally, I have a client ask for the chance to write about how we’ve helped him or her with their business communication skills.  This week, Curt Gosman from Now Courier shares his thoughts…

“I had been working with a client for about a month, providing nearly daily cost analysis of their in-house delivery vs contracting with us, when suddenly communication from them stopped and I became concerned.  After a couple of long weeks, I inquired and found there had been a personnel change, which of course would mean starting over from scratch.  Not sure what to do, I consulted with Ellen Dunnigan, my business communication advisor, who gave me the confidence and advice to contact the CFO.  Reluctantly, I called and was directed to a decision maker who was only slightly aware of their total company logistics need — yet at that very moment, was having a specific and pressing need for delivery of one of their products with which I was unfamiliar.  I asked if I could help and he immediately invited me in to see the product.  One hour later, I left with four packages that we sent out using our established delivery network, guaranteeing next day delivery at a substantial savings to this customer.  Since then, we’ve begun providing a long term solution and have built a relationship based not only on performance but on my constant oversight of their processes and timely communication.  I now hope to provide cost analyses for other divisions of this company.  Morals of the story:  constant oversight and communication is key to ongoing customer relationships.  As players change, don’t hesitate to ask for opportunities to meet other decision-makers in the company.  And when doubts creep into your head, seek the advice of a trusted advisor who can help you see the best in your capabilities.”

About the Author:

Ellen Dunnigan founded Accent On Business in 2001 specializing in public speaking, communication skills, and executive presence for leaders in business. She has 25 years of experience with professional and nonprofessional speakers in healthcare, media, politics, engineering, sports, and other industries. Ellen’s coaching in speaking skills gives established and emerging leaders greater confidence and credibility. Her leadership programs in accountability, alignment, difficult conversations, and organizational communication have helped leaders expand their influence. Ellen is known for her practical “how to” style.

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