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What Our Clients are Saying

It’s hard to imagine that you can change the way you speak and sound, but the improvement comes quickly and dramatically. Don’t just take our word for it; see what our clients have to say…

Thank you for coming to our class. I am very much looking forward to the skills you are going to teach us.
T. Lannan
I just cannot thank you enough for your time and dedication to all of us.  In just your first session, I gained some valuable insight to apply.  It means so much to me what you are doing for all of us. – Thank You!
N. Franke
Ellen, thank you for taking the time to speak to my Lugar Series Class.  I very much appreciated your presentation. I enjoyed hearing of your career journey, and you teaching us techniques for when we do present.  I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.
K. Heur
Thank you so much for the very helpful tips you shared with our Lugar Series Class last week.  I am really looking forward to learning more.  Thank you for providing this very valuable service.
M. Cotterill
It was a pleasure to be part of your instruction regarding public speaking. Like many, I find the task a little daunting. I am excited to test the impact of the suggested changes that you gave at class on Friday. What a wonderful opportunity for our class! Thank you for taking the time away from your busy schedule to share your thoughts. I very much appreciate this wonderful opportunity. I look forward to speaking to you soon!
Renee Kabrick, Jasper City Attorney
Thank you so much for your help with preparing my speech. I really learned a lot and will use these skills as I move forward in my career. Thank you for volunteering so much of your time to work with our class. Keep in touch!
Amy Stansfield, AES Development, LLC
Thank you so much for a great presentation last week. I learned so much and had fun while doing so. You made public speaking a lot less scary! I look forward to seeing you during our next class. Thanks again!
Danielle Dean
Thank you for dinner at The Rathskeller. I really enjoyed our relaxing evening at dinner. Most of all, I have thoroughly been delighted to get to know you over the last few months. You are a gem!
Elizabeth Szentes, netlogx
Thank you for helping us learn some pointers on how we can get relaxed and do a better job delivering our message. You had helpful hints to turn our anxiety into positive energy. I hope to take you up on your offer but my plate is overflowing for the next few weeks. I want to get in touch and appreciate your willingness to help.
Linda Gibson
I’ve learned a lot from you so far, and I hope to put your tips to practice soon!
Veronica Schilb, Legislative Assistant at Office of Governor Mike Pence
The Lugar Series class is raving about how much they love what they are learning!
Anne Hathaway, Hathaway Strategies, President
Thank you! Your advice and guidance have been major factors in getting to this point. It is much appreciated.
Alan L. Hamersly, P.E., Trails and Parks Manager - Butler, Fairman & Seufert, Inc.
I’ve worked with Ellen on and off for nearly 10 years and she is a skilled professional. At the risk of sounding like Tony Robbins or some cheese ball life skills coach, Ellen really does transform people’s lives. Whether it’s someone who’s struggled with speech impediments or a foreign-born EVP looking to improve his connection with employees, Ellen works one on one to improve what and how people communicate, which allows THEM to build their confidence and unlock their potential. They go from poor communicators to good ones, or from uninspiring managers to inspirational leaders – depending on their talents, opportunity, ability and desire to implement Ellen’s guidance. I’m working on a before-and-after video built from footage from she’s collected of clients and their improvements it’s obvious and moving.
Mike Magan, Marketing Programs Manager, CloudBlue Technologies
I needed to cut my Elevator Pitch down from a 5-minute explanation to a few words. Ellen helped me do that. When I achieved a position with Rainmakers that required me to speak at the meetings, she helped me tame the butterflies and learn techniques to reduce the nervousness. In addition to the spoken word, she also worked with me a written presentation so the words flow better, by being more powerful and expressive. Best of all, Ellen is professional and fun to work with – a winning combination! I highly recommend Ellen to anyone who wants to leave the proper impression. You’ll be amazed what a few hours with her will do for you!
Cindy Hartman, Owner, Hartman Inventory & Nationwide Inventory Professionals, Director of NICA
Ellen has to be one of the best people I know on the planet. She helped me address my strengths and weaknesses as a public speaker over the period of many months. In doing so, she pushed me way out of my comfort zone more than once and I am far the better for it. I look forward to our sessions and would hire her again and again! There is none better.
Scott Emmett, Commercial / Fleet Manager
I had the fortunate opportunity to meet Ellen through Rainmakers, a business networking association, and whenever I am around her, I am thoroughly impressed by her professionalism and sincerity. She is one of those people you instantly trust because you know she is truly trying to help you grow as a person and become more than you thought you were. Ellen’s business, Accent on Business, has helped so many people within Rainmakers become stronger, more confident speakers. It is amazing to see those transformations.
Serina Kelly, Customer Relationship Strategist
Communicating effectively is the key to any relationship- business or personal. What I learned in this Accent On Business workshop will help me be a better communicator in every area of my life.
Elizabeth Heil, Reachmore Strategies
Working with Ellen on my presentation style and content gave me the ability to conduct a seminar that was informative and stimulating to my audience.
Doug Boehme, Beacon Business Exchange
Ellen – Once again you knocked it out of the park! That group really saw and >felt the value of your expertise. There were a lot of comments during the rest of the meeting about your learning points.
Calvin Ellison
Thank you so very much for presenting at our Women Leaders Symposium! You made such a positive impact on women business leaders. One survey respondent called your session “vital for all women”. Thank you for making a difference and empowering business women – Ever onward!

Christian Maslowski
Thank you so much for coming to present to us! We all took so many good tips and information away from your training! Wonderful Job! Thank you both so much!!!

Stephen Downing, MHS
Ellen, A potential new client gave us this feedback: “Engaging Solutions’ years of experience and depth of understanding are impressive and your ability to present the subject in such an interesting way is exceptional.” Thanks for your help! This will mean more work for our company.
T. Butler Robinson, Engaging Solution, LLC
Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to come and work with our class on their presentation skills. They had a lot of great feedback. We look forward to seeing you again next month!
Grace Maze, Project Manager, Hathaway Strategies
It was great getting to know you and your business. I’m looking forward to staying connected! A special thanks for all you did for Trailblazers. It was a success because of you!

Deb Kunce, CORE Planning Strategies
Thank you for speaking to our Lugar Series Class! I learned a lot about public speaking, even though I know I will forget all of it when I’m up in front of a group! I am really looking forward to working with you on my Lugar Series speech.

Allison Karns

Thank you again for your incredible presentation…You make me feel so at ease preparing for my presentation.

Kelli Huer, Roche Diabetes Care, Inc

Your insights are so valuable, and I know this will make me a better ambassador for Gleaners and our community.

Gail, Gleaners Food Bank

Your insights on storytelling and presenting were very useful and I am sure they will benefit me in the future.

Courtney Schaafsma, IN. Dept. of Local Government Finance

Thank you for sharing your expertise and making me more comfortable in public speaking settings!

Peggy Rohrman, Old National Bank

Three successful events today and You were a part of that success. Thank you – You still have lots of work to do!

J Hanson
Dear Ellen and Alex, A quick note to let you know my promotion is effective January, 2016.  WEWW!  And so much thanks to both of you for your counsel, support, encouragement, and candor over this time. Thanks Again!  See You Soon!
Thanks so much for taking the time to speak to us.  I enjoyed your presentation and am looking forward to becoming a better public speaker.  I’m working on my mantra and I’ve already been spending more time preparing for meetings.
H. James
Wow! Loved, loved, loved your presentation!  You and the content of your presentation holds amazing professional and personal relevance and application!  I can’t wait to continue the work ahead. – Thank you very much!
P. Rohrman
Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to speak to us.  Your breathing tip and techniques are amazing and I can’t wait to learn more. – Thanks again!
L. Box
My, do you make it look easy!  Thank you for speaking to our class and for your generosity in assisting us with your coaching.  I’m going to need it!  You truly are inspirational.
D. Frye
Many thanks for working with us on the important and dreaded topic of public speaking! I really appreciate the tips and techniques you shared. As an attorney I often have to speak in court, which is ok, but I still struggle with giving speeches to groups. I will implement your techniques and work on getting more opportunities to work on my skills.
Jeanine Kerridge
Ellen, thank you so much for your fabulous presentation yesterday! It was just what we needed. We were out to dinner last night and talked about all the different techniques to reduce anxiety and how they will help the chairmen relax before they have to present their annual reports. We look forward to working with you again.
Colette S. Fike
Thank you so much for spending time with our Lugar class. I love the 4-step process.
Liz Childers
Just wrapped (the meeting); feeling very positive – thanks so much for all your coaching and support. It’s changed the game for me and I really appreciate that!
Albert K., Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity (National Office)
I wanted to thank you again for speaking to our IndyCREW group and sharing some really great things yesterday!! We appreciate the time you spent with us.
Christine A. Amore, Duke Reality
The presentation today could not have gone better! Thank you for all of your help!
Executive, Major Insurance Provider, Fortune 250 Company
I appreciate your help in improving our public speaking skills.
Lana Keesling, Manager, Accounting/Benefits/Information Systems at CWC Logistics
I always learn so much from participating in your sessions.
Deena Dodd, Director & Director of Business Development for the Business Partner Network at Indiana Rural Health Association
We’ve greatly benefited from our relationship with Ellen. She has trained and mentored our sales and customer service representatives over the last two years. We’ve had great results in the areas of public speaking, sales presentations, and in preparing an elevator pitch. As the COO of Bacompt Systems, I highly recommend her for your organization.
Dwayne Hurt, Chief Operating Officer at Bacompt Systems, Inc.
With little experience, I knew that when I decided to begin using public speaking as a means to market my practice and take it to the next level, it would be wise to get the help of an expert. Ellen Dunnigan was (and is) the expert I chose to work with. While Ellen did help me with all of the major aspects of communicating my message, her greatest value to me was her ability to help me improve in “subtle” areas that I would have never considered even thinking about on my own. Based upon the feedback that I’ve received from my talks, Ellen’s coaching and encouragement has helped me gain a level of credibility with my audience that I simply could not have gained on my own. If the outcome of any project or endeavor is at least partially based upon your effectiveness as a communicator, you would be very wise to seek the help of Ellen Dunnigan.
Mark Light, Experienced Financial Advisor/Insurance Agent
Ellen was a trainer assigned to help me develop a speech I was giving for Rainmakers Marketing Group. She did a terrific job at telling me I wasn’t prepared, couldn’t wing it, held me accountable and provided great direction. I would recommend her to anyone who needs to speak in front of people.
Tim Dugger, Career and Organizational Development Coach
Ellen taught a class through Rainmaker University that was GREAT! Her expertise in the area of professional speaking is quite extensive- yet she is able to bring it down to a level that is easy to understand for business professionals, sales people, and those that just want to learn to speak better in front of peers, colleagues, business associates, etc. I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the class!
Nathan Pfahler, Broker Associate/REALTOR at REMAX METRO
This week I gave a sales presentation to a roomful of people. For the first time, I saw people nodding their heads and smiling in agreement with me.
S. Cronk, Sales Executive
I thought I would always have to live with my scratchy voice. I was so tired of people asking me if I was sick or asking me to ‘speak up’. You have made a real difference in my life, both personally and professionally.
Debra Sailor, Trainer and Public Speaker
Your techniques gave our people confidence and credibility as speakers and we were amazed at how painless it was. Thanks for meeting our irregular schedules and deadlines.
T.J. McCann, McCann and Shultz Consulting Group
My English is 100% better. My co-workers and patients haven’t had to ask me to repeat myself in weeks.
Physical Therapist (originally from India), Beverly Healthcare
Thank you so much for presenting at our recent leadership conference…I look forward to working with you on additional projects in the future.
Dr. Leslie Campbell, Chief Operating Officer & Executive VP, Diversicare Healthcare Services, Inc
Thank you for your presentation. You were insightful and intriguing – can’t wait to see what’s next!
Katie Glick, Industry Relations Program Manager, Indiana Soybean Alliance/Indiana Corn Marketing Council/Indiana Corn Growers Association
Many thanks for your thoughts and insights on public speaking. I’m looking forward to hearing more from you.
Erin Lewis
Thank you for your time. I love your approach and the neuroscience behind it.

Jen Rufatto
I really enjoyed your presentation this past month. Thank you for working with our group. I’m looking forward to our upcoming learning about presentation skills.
Kathleen McAllen
Thank you so much for spending time with us and sharing so many great tips! I’ve already used a few of them. They make me feel more confident. I’m excited to learn more from you.
Stephanie Wilson

Thank you, again, for your support and encouragement!

Nancy Franke, St. Peter’s Lutheran School

I appreciate the constructive criticism and I learned a lot.

Tara Lannan Wolf, Purdue University

We are so lucky to have passionate and giving professionals like you to share with these future entrepreneurs. Thank you so much for supporting Indiana 4-H Entrepreneurship Academy!

Ryan Wynkoop, Purdue 4-H Entrepreneur Academy

Hello Ellen – Thank you for your help this past Tuesday! I used your advice and I really did feel the difference. I feel very confident about my chances after walking out of the interview and that is a direct result of my confidence walking into the interview! Thank you again and I wish you the best!”

R. Golding
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